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Geen Babalazi is a tasty, natural and refreshing functional beverage that is enriched with the right amount of vitamins and other functional ingredients to allow the consumer to overcome the day-by-day challenges of a busy work day after a long night or weekend of partying and drinking, both from physical & cognitive perspective. Our aim is to help our consumers embracing life with performance and happiness: make every day better, easier and more performing by changing the way people are drinking. Geen Babalazi will distinguish itself by the following characteristics:

  • The first functional beverage in South Africa, a healthy alternative for regular functional soft drinks
  • It is promoted as a drink with no evil preservatives, no artificial colouring, sweeteners, preservative; additives is allowed in the composition.
  • It is a drink enhanced with functional vitamins and supplements to support consumers in their today‚Äôs everyday life but mostly when facing cognitive demands. It will bring you back to life after a busy night.
  • It will be fresh and aromatic with slight hints of original ingredients reishi mushroom, lemon grass and other natural ingredients.



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